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Tunnel tents

Keron 4 GT (winter)
A Keron 4 GT tent

The tunnel tents used by Arctic Rangers are mainly used in other locations than the main base. They are used when setting up a combat base (where you only spend one night) an when you are travelling in the mountains. The tunnel tents used are the Keron 4 GT and the Nammatj 3 tents, both manufactured by the Hilleberg tentmaker corporation in Sweden. The main design of the two tents is similar, consisting of a tunnel-shaped tent that is supported by flexible aluminum tentpoles. The tunnel shape makes the tents very wind resistant, which is especially important when in mountain terrain.

The fabric of the tent consists of two different layers, with an outer thicker layer (green) and an inner thinner layer (yellow). The reason for having two different layers is to avoid a "condensation rain" inside the tent when it rains outside. If you only have one layer, the rain on the outside will hit the fabric and cause drops of condensation on the inside to fall, producing a sort of rain inside the tent. Having two layers avoids this. In the winter the condensation freezes, and when you demount the tent you only have to shake away the frozen condensation before packing away the tent.

When setting up the tents in the winter you usually don't dig out the snow all the way to the ground, since this takes a lot of time and energy. Instead you flatten out the snow by stomping it with your skis, in order to make the snow hard enough to walk on. Then you make a windcover out of snowblocks, which you place around the tent, and finally you set up the tent. If you are setting up a combat base you finish off by placing a white camo net over the tent, which you support under some braches, so it doesn't look like a tent draped in camo nets.

The tents are very light and you pack them into a cylinder shaped bag that you strap on top of your backpack. They are very easy to set up, even in strong wind. The only bad part is that they are non-heated, so the temperature inside the tent is the same as outside, which means that it can get realy cold in the winter (crawling out of your warm sleeping bag into a -25 C tent realy sucks). The most common tent is the Keron 4 GT, and you generally sleep 3 men in each tent, even if it's a 4-man tent.

Keron 4 GT Keron 4 GT:
Size: 4-man
Weight: 5.1 kg
Length: 5.0 m
Width: 2.0 m


Nammatj 3 Nammatj 3:
Size: 3-man
Weight: 3.0 kg
Length: 3.3 m
Width: 1.6 m


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