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Heated main tents

8-man tent
An 8-man tent

These tents are set up in the main base. They come in three different sizes, 8-man, 12-man and 20-man. The 20-man is very rare, the most usual being the 8-man. The overall design is roughly the same for all the different sized tents. They are made of sturdy green canvas, have a small opening as a door (far right in the picture), a ventilation rim at the top and a hole for the chimney. Inside the tent is a wood powered stove, which can heat the tent to above freezing in the winter. In the ceiling are ropes so you can hang up your wet gear (mainly socks and mittens) so they dry during the night. Inside you also have a kerosene powered lantern used for lighting. Setting up the tent in the winter takes several hours, since you first have to dig away all the snow covering the area where you intend to erect your tent. To top it off you place a large camoflage net over the tent, which you support with branches, so it doesn't look like a tent draped in camo nets.

The stove used to heat the tent is powered by wood, which might seem primitive but is very usefull behind enemy lines. Having a gasoline or diesel powered stove means that you have to bring several hundred kilograms (or even tons) of extra weight. Running out of fuel is a very bad thing, since you will freeze at night and not be able to dry your wet clothes. Having a wood- powered stove means that you realy don't need to bring much fuel with you, and since you are in a vast forest you never run out of fuel - all you have to do is chop down a tree. Stove

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