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1-man raincover

A sniper under his raincover

The raincover is a 3 meter long and 1.5 meter wide piece of water resistant synthetic fabric. You normally have this wrapped around your sleeping mat so it doesn't get wet, but you can also use it to make various types of rainshelters. These types of shelters are used mainly in the summer. One quick and easy way to make a shelter is to attach one end of it to a tree, like in the picture above. This type of 1-man shelter is usually called a "lone wolf" (ensamma vargen). One of the main disadvantages with this type of shelter is that rain can come in over you if the wind is powerfull (and the fact that mosquitos eat up your face while you sleep).

The raincover also has holes and buttons along all the edges, so you can button it together with other covers to produce tents. Buttoning covers together is quick and easy once you've learned how to do it. You can make tents of almost any size, such as 4-man, 8-man, 10-man and so on. As tentpoles you can use ordinary tree branches.

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