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GRK - medium mortar

Grk summer Grk winter

Summer conditions

Winter conditions

A medium mortar, used to support the operations of other Arctic Ranger teams or platoons. It is used to fire indirect fire at enemy positions, such as ambush site along roads or enemy control or supply points that have been detected. The mortar can be dissasembled into smaller parts, permitting it to be transported without vehicles for shorter distances. In the winter it is usually transported in a pulk (a man pulled sled) or with the aid of a snowmobile. It is set up in a firing position that is camoflaged with nets supported under branches. When time comes to fire, the nets are quickly pulled apart and grenades are quickly fired (see pictures above). The nets are then quickly replaced to avoid aerial detection. Fire is controlled and corrected by an advanced scout.

Manufacturer: ?
Calibre: 81.4 mm
Weight: 48.5 kg
Effective range: 5900 m (depending on type of ammunition)


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