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BILL - anti-tank guided missile

BILL summer BILL2 winter

Summer conditions

Winter conditions
(BILL 2)

The RBS 56, more commonly known as BILL, is a wire-guided tube launched anti-tank missle, similar to the American TOW. It is one of the worlds most advanced portable anti-tank missiles, the unique aspect being that the missile travels 0.8 meters above the line of sight, detonating into the roof of the target vehicle (where the armor is at its weakest) being able to penetrate up to 700mm of armor. It can strike moving targets at ranges up to 2000 meters. The system consists of a support, a sighting console with 8X zoom, a missile tube, and an infra-red sight for use at night or in bad weather. The system can be assembled and fire-ready in just 10 seconds, and can be reloaded with an extra tube in 5 seconds.

The system is easily and quickly height adjusted, permitting the system to be concealed and quickly "popping up" from behind cover. It can be dissasembled, permitting it to be transported without vehicles for shorter distances. In the winter it is usually transported in a pulk (a man pulled sled) or with the aid of a snowmobile. The firing position that is prepared in the winter is basically a pit dug in the snow down to the ground. The system is then totally conceiled in the pit, and when a suitable target shows up it can quickly pop up, fire, and be lowered out of site. The system can also be attached to the sled of a snowmobile, permitting a quick "hit and run" type of attack. The main targets are heavily armored enemy vehicles, and priority is given to such targets as mobile bridges and engineer vehicles, making the BILL system a type of heavy missle sniper system.


Manufacturer: Bofors Missiles, Sweden
Weight: 36 kg (assembled)
45 kg (with IR sight)
(20 kg for each extra tube)
Effective range: 2000 m


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