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Here is some fun and interesting information and pictures about the creator of this site:

Name: Martin P. Trenneborg
Rank: Corporal
Current status: Civilian, in the Army Reserves (8th Ranger Company)
Date of birth: October 7, 1977
Place of birth: Lund, Sweden
Nationality: Swedish
Height: 1,70 meters (= 5'7")
Weight: 72 kg (= 160 lbs)
Hair/eye color: Blond/blue (= typical Swedish....)
Marital status: Single
Hobbies: Running, trekking, bodybuilding
Favorite TV-series: Seinfeld, NYPD Blue
Favorite movies: Saving Private Ryan, Full Metal Jacket, Pulp Fiction, Forrest Gump
Favorite actors: Christoffer Walken, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rocco Siffredi
Stuff I hate: Communism, mosquitos, getting up in the morning
Stuff I like: Blowing stuff up, money (don't we all?), beer (duh!), women (DUH!)
Interesting facts about me: I have lived in the USA (in western Florida) for 4 years. On my left shoulder I have a tattoo of a wolf, exactly like the one in the top left corner of this site. Member of the Swedish Mensa.
Current activity: Medical student at the Karolinska Institute (the institute that awards the Nobel Prize in Medicine) in Stockholm.
E-mail adress:

Here are some of my favorite quotes.

Here are some more pictures of me:

Snowsuit Royal Palace
Me on my skis, taken in Arvidjaur during the MILO Ranger operation. Me guarding the Royal Palace in Stockholm, just before Christmas 1997.

Ice bath
Me in the ice bath, part of winter survival. If you think it looks like I'm having problems swimming, it's because I'm wearing a uniform and boots, I haven't eaten much in 4 days, and the fact that the water is 0 C ( =32 F), and the air temperature is about -15 C ( =5 F). And as you can see the damn asshole sergeants are pulling the safety-line realy hard.

Ladjo Valley
Me in the Ladjo Valley (Ladtjovagge). Down in the valley you can see the Ladjo River (Ladtjojokka) and in the background you can see Lake Ladjo (Ladjojaure). The road leading into the mountains ends at Nikkaluokta, which is located beyond the lake, just near the horizon (you can't realy see it from here).

Me in high-school, at age 17. Does this kid have an attitude problem or what?