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Arctic Rangers train at the 22nd Infantry Regiment (I22) in Kiruna, Sweden. Kiruna is located 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle in Lappland, Sweden. This is one of the worlds most northern military training locations, in Europes last wilderness. Due to the extreme northern location, you can see the sun at midnight during parts of June, and the sun does not rise above the horizon during parts of December. Kiruna is located just east of Swedens highest mountain, Kebnekaise. The city of Kiruna is built between two smaller mountains, Kirunavaara and Luosavaara. These mountains contain large quantities of iron ore, and Kiruna is the site of the worlds largest and most modern underground iron mine, the LKAB mine. Located just 50 km east of Kiruna is Esrange, Europes largest spacerocket launchsite.

In Kiruna the year-average temperature is -1 C (= 30 F), and winter temperatures average -20 C (= -5 F) with temperature extremes of as low as -45 C (= -50 F). The snow depth at the end of winter can easily exceed 1 meter (= 3 feet). The ground is normally covered with snow for 7 months each year, from October to April. When the snow melts large parts of the terrain become watercovered and marshy. This type of terrain is an ideal breeding environment for mosquitos, which flourish in small ponds and marshes from May to August.

I will post more information about the unit, including history and maps of where it is, as soon as I have enough time.