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Winter pictures

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A 9-man Ranger Team main base, winter. In the background you can see the all-terrain-vehicle, ATV (bandvagn). A main base of this kind can be used for several weeks, or even months. Note the white camoflage net that covers the entire main base, supported by tree branches. Under this net you can conceal the tent, the ATV and the snowmobiles. There is also sufficient space under the net for every day things, such as eating and preparing weapons and equipment for a mission.

Part of a Ranger team boarding a chopper. The difficult part is getting in all the sleds and skis.

A snowmobile and its sled being transported by chopper.

Moving swiftly and silently to the combat zone on skis.

This unfortunate Ranger has just fallen on his AK5. As you can clearly see, this is not a very good idea.

Christmas dinner in the mess hall. A lot better than the freeze dried stuff they call "food" we eat in the field.

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