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Summer survival pictures

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Eating ants from an anthill with a home-made "ant stick". Ants taste sour, a bit like lemon.

The type of shelter in the background is known as a "fire hut" (eldhydda). The main topic of this picture is the stuff that is steaming in the pot, "dinner". You can see a close-up of this delicacy in the next picture.

The stuff this Ranger is eating is known as skägglav in swedish. It is a type of fuzzy moss that grows on tree branches. After you've prepared and cooked it correctly, it is almost tasteless. If prepared incorrectly it has a very bitter taste.

Crossing a river in the summer in a survival situation is difficult. To decrease the risk of drowning, you can use your rainpants as a flotation device. Just tie up the legs.

The most basic shelter for protection from wind and rain. Note the rocks lined up as a heat reflector.

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