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Winter mountain pictures

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Using army skis as Telemark skis is difficult stuff....

Climbing the last part to the top of Kebnekaise Mountain with the Regimental Flag.

A Ranger Team on top of Kebnekaise's South Peak, the highest point in Sweden.

Basic winter mountain climbing training. 1st Lieutenant Bergqvist, our climbing instructor, showing how to attach a crabclaw to the climbing harness.

Uphill on skis is tough going. On the right is Singi Mountain.

A Hilleberg Keron GT 4-man tent, one of the most wind-stable tents in the world.

An all-terrain-vehicle, ATV (Bandvagn), specially fitted with a large fuel tank. The fuel is used for snowmobiles.

Some of the lower peaks of the Kebnekaise Massive.

Some more peaks of the Kebnekaise Massive.

1st Lieutenant Nordanberg giving "thumbs up".

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