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Combat and demolition pictures

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This blast is from ordinary plastic explosives.

This blast is from a M52B tank mine (stridsvagnsmina m/52B). The cloud formed sort of reminds of the mushroom cloud from a nuclear explosion....

A demolitions instructor showing Rangers how to connect culver charges (trummladdningar). These are specially designed for blowing up road culverts (vägtrummor), and thereby making it impossible for enemy supplies from reaching the front line.

A Ranger crawling through a road culvert with the detonator wire from a culvert charge.

Waiting in a foxhole for the enemy. The Ranger on the left is holding a 84mm recoil-less rifle (granat gevär).

A Ranger behind cover preparing to fire at the enemy.

Former Swedish Minister of Defence, Anders Björk, visiting troops in the field after a succesful combat mission in summer of 1993.

Crossing the Torne River in patrol boats. (This isn't realy a combat picture, but I put it here anyway)

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