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GRG48 - heavy grenade launcher


This multi-purpose heavy grenade launcher operates using the back-blast principle it has virtualy no recoil. Before firing it is important to check the terrain behind the weapon, since the backblast is very powerful. It is usually used as a three-man weapon: one man fires the weapon, one man loads, and the third spots (with a laser rangefinder and binoculars) and corrects fire. It has a low-zoom optic scope and backup iron sights. Since it is big and heavy it is transported in a pulk (a man pulled sled) in the winter. The calibre is a powerfull 84mm, and is capable of taking a variety of ammunition, including HEAT (high explosive, anti-tank) HE (high explosive) and smoke.

The main targets are enemy armored vehicles and trucks. The new high-power HEAT round from Bofors is capable of taking out tanks from the sides and back, and older tanks from the front. There is also a newer version, the m/86, which is made of fiber composite instead of steel. The advantage is that it weighs a lot less. There is one big disadvantage: the barrel is worn down quickly. For this reason it is only used in times of real war, while the m/48 is used during training.

Backview Ammo
View from the back The ammunition (from left):
HEAT, HE, smoke

Manufacturer: Bofors Carl Gustav, Sweden
Calibre: 84mm
Weight: 13.9 kg (m/48)
8.1 kg (m/86)
Length: 1130 mm
Rate of fire: 6 rounds per minute
Muzzle velocity: 300 m/s
Effective range: 150 m (moving vehicle, HEAT round)
200 m (static vehicle, HEAT round)
700 m (infantry, HE round)
1000 m (smoke)






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