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Demolition charges

Culvert charges
Culvert charges being prepared

Road culvert
Charges being placed in a culvert

Arctic Rangers use two types of premade demolition charges, which are primarily used to demolish road culverts. A road culvert is a concrete pipe that passes under a road, to allow a small stream to pass through. When demolishing a road culvert you first perform a recon of the culvert, measuring the length and diameter of the culvert, and the depth beneath the road. From this you calculate the amount of explosives necessary for demolition. Demolishing a road culvert basically blows away a 10 meter section of a road, so that no wheel-driven vehicles such as supply trucks can pass.

Culvert charges: These are about 0.5 m long and weigh approximately 15 kg each. They have grooves on both ends so you can screw many of them together. On the ends you attach blasting caps and connect these with det cord (read more about det cord in the "Igniting devices" section) and usually remote ignite it electrically.
Tube charges: These look like an oversized garden hose, roughly 15 cm in diameter and 2 m long. They are filled with TNT, and are flexible. You ignite them the same way as the above mentioned culvert charges.

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