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Summer clothing

An Arcitc Ranger's summer clothing is identical to that used by all Swedish soldiers. The only difference is that Arctic Rangers wear a green beret instead of a field cap.

This is the standard jacket of all Swedish forces, using the m/90 camoflage pattern seen on the left. Rank insignia are on the collar, and on the left should is the Swedish flag and the regiments symbol, the Arctic Wolf, seen in the top left corner of this site. On the right shoulder you attach various patches that you have earned through training, such as marksman, sniper, survival, recon, survival instructor or the Airborne Ranger patch. The jacket is closed using a zipper and buttons, and you can easily adjust the waist and hips. It has 5 pockets - 1 inside pocket and 2 outside pockets on each side. In these pockets you keep things such as gloves, mosquito repelent, camoflage cream etc. Underneath the jacket you wear either an old (m/59) cotton field shirt or the new (m/90) synthetic field shirt. In the summer it is common to wear an ordinary green army T-shirt instead.

The ends of the legs have zippers so you can put your boots on easier. They have 2 pockets on each side, in which you keep things such as compass, maps, matches, first aid, knife etc. Pants
Summer boots BootsThese are the standard issue black marching boots of all Swedish forces. They are realy great when it's dry, but when it's raining or you are marching in wet terrain, you wish you had something better. For this reason many Arctic Rangers use their own 'civilian' boots (usually with GoreTex), such as Meindl. Inside the boots you usually wear two pairs of socks, one pair of inner thin wool socks and one pair of thicker outer socks.
Beret BeretThis is a dark green beret with the wolf insignia, which you can see in the upper left corner of this site. The beret is only used while at the barracks, and only in the summer - it's too cold for winter use. The only time you use it in the field is when taking photos........
Field cap This is the standard green field cap of the Swedish Army. It has two flaps that you can fold down over your ears if it gets realy cold.
Rainclothes These are the standard issue grey rainclothes. The jacket has a hood, and when you store the rainclothes you simply roll them into the hood and tie the hood, to make a small and neat package to store in your backpack.
Gloves These are black 5-finger gloves made from goat skin with synthetic lining.
Sweater This is a thick sweater made of synthetic fibre. It has a front zipper and holes for your thumbs. It is worn beneath the jacket when it's cold.

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