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Frequently asked questions

Before writing me e-mail and asking questions, it would be nice if you could read this simple FAQ, so I don't have to answer the same old questions over and over again.

Q: What is it like being an Arctic Ranger?
A: In the field you are cold, wet, hungry and thirsty, and it's very dark, severely cold, and snowy. The camaraderie is great, and you get to know the other men in your unit like they were your brothers.
Q: All this seems cool, how do I join?
A: Only Swedish citizens can become Arctic Rangers. If you are a Swedish citizen you can call your nearest recruiting station (värnplikts kontor) and ask them for more information.
Q: Have you ever seen any polar bears or penguins?
A: No, the nearest polar bears are on Svalbard, and penguins are found only in Antarctica.
Q: What wars have the Arctic Rangers been in?
A: None. The last time Sweden was in a war was in 1813 (specifically, the last time was at the battle of Leipzig 16-19 October 1813, where Swedish, Russian, Preussian and Austrian forces of 325,000 men defeated Napoleon's army of 215,000) but this was before any Arctic Rangers existed.
Q: Can you send me some of your regimental patches?
A: No, I do not have any patches or insignia that I want to trade, give away or sell to anybody. You have to earn them.

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